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16 channel audio mixer with 16 (=8 stereo) outputs configurable in 6 groups. Features IoT controllable main volume and output selection. Designed to fit in a 19" case.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Four wheel drive bobbycar

Updated 1 month ago

Simple example for arduino ota

Updated 2 months ago

Hoverbrett is meant as a testplatform. Is is based on the hoverboard-hack and controlled by a separate microcontroller for more IO and a safer way to experiment. clone with --recursive

Updated 3 months ago

RC Remote using the IBM/Lenovo Trackpoint ("Nipple") to control a vehicle over NRF24.

Updated 3 months ago moved files to be directly compatible with platformio library folder

Updated 3 months ago

combined sourcode for mostly esp8266 sensor iot nodes.

Updated 4 months ago

Updated 4 months ago

Resistive touch sensors to sound by touching the probes or things connected to them.

Updated 6 months ago

ESP8266 based control for two motorized blinds. Motors are dc motors. Feedback is implemented by analog optical sensors.

Updated 7 months ago

Updated 8 months ago

ESP8266 based implementation for HX711 adc scale. With TM1637 display and MQTT functionality.

Updated 8 months ago

roller coaster effect for ws2812 led strip

Updated 12 months ago

IoT light with esp8266 to control a single led strip or ww/cw led strips via pwm pins over mqtt.

Updated 1 year ago