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#ifndef __LCD_H__
#define __LCD_H__
#include "defs.h"
struct vissprite
byte *buf;
int x;
byte pal, pri, pad[6];
struct scan
int bg[64];
int wnd[64];
byte buf[256];
byte pal1[128];
un16 pal2[64];
un32 pal4[64];
byte pri[256];
struct vissprite vs[16];
int ns, l, x, y, s, t, u, v, wx, wy, wt, wv;
struct obj
byte y;
byte x;
byte pat;
byte flags;
struct lcd
byte vbank[2][8192];
byte mem[256];
struct obj obj[40];
} oam;
byte pal[128];
extern struct lcd lcd;
extern struct scan scan;
void updatepatpix();
void tilebuf();
void bg_scan();
void wnd_scan();
void bg_scan_pri();
void wnd_scan_pri();
void bg_scan_color();
void wnd_scan_color();
void spr_count();
void spr_enum();
void spr_scan();
void lcd_begin();
void lcd_refreshline();
void pal_write(int i, byte b);
void pal_write_dmg(int i, int mapnum, byte d);
void vram_write(int a, byte b);
void vram_dirty();
void pal_dirty();
void lcd_reset();