ESP am Kramer VS-162AV Audio-/Videoswitcher
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starcalc f50590a28e Merge branch '3-plasma-und-larson-spiral-verwenden-zwei-boxen-nicht' into 'master'
Resolve "Plasma und Larson Spiral verwenden zwei Boxen nicht."

Closes #3

See merge request ctdo/esp-videoswitcher!2
6 years ago
docs add whiteboard sketches for reference 6 years ago
NeoPatterns.cpp Auf beliebigen Matrizen nutzbar 6 years ago
NeoPatterns.h Merge korrigiert 6 years ago
config.json add config.json preset 6 years ago
esp-videoswitcher.ino Merged 6 years ago
pinbelegung.txt add pinout notes 6 years ago