Hoverbrett is meant as a testplatform. Is is based on the hoverboard-hack and controlled by a separate stm32 "bluepill" for more IO and a safer way to experiment. clone with --recursive
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[submodule "hoverboard-firmware-hack-serial-esc"]
path = hoverboard-firmware-hack-serial-esc
url = git@repos.ctdo.de:interfisch/hoverboard-firmware-hack-serial-esc.git
[submodule "serialVisualization"]
path = serialVisualization
url = git@repos.ctdo.de:interfisch/serialVisualization.git
[submodule "nippleremote"]
path = nippleremote
url = git@repos.ctdo.de:interfisch/nippleremote.git
[submodule "hoverboard-firmware-hack-foc-serial-esc"]
path = hoverboard-firmware-hack-foc-serial-esc
url = https://repos.ctdo.de/interfisch/hoverboard-firmware-hack-foc-serial-esc