Node-RED node to utilize IKEA Trådfri devices. Fully implemented in Node.js.
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Node-RED node to interface with IKEA Tradfri lights without any external binaries thanks to node-tradfri.

  • All operations (brightness, color temperature, color, etc.) supported by the gateway are available.
  • Support for observation (i.e. reporting on changes to the light).


Only one node (besides the config node) are necessary for operation. After the configuration has been successful -- either by providing an existing identity and PSK or by generating new ones by providing the security code from the gateway -- simply select which light to target and check if the node should observe the device as well.

Controlling the node

Nodes can be programmatically controlled by sending a message with msg.payload set to one of the following strings:

  • "status" The node will output the current status of its target light.

Controlling the light

Lights can be controlled by sending an objet with one or more of the following properties as msg.payload to the node.

  • on boolean Turn the light on or off.
  • brightness number [0,100] The brightness of the light.
  • colorTemperature number [0,100] The color temperature of the light.
  • color string Sets the color of the light. For WS-bulbs, F5FAF6, F1E0B5 and EFD275 will set the light to the default cold, normal and warm temperatures respectively.
  • transition number The default transition time for operations. Will only work for single operation commands and not for on/off. Defaults to 0.
  • hue number [0,365] Sets the hue of the light. Only for CWS. (UNTESTED)
  • saturation number [0,100] Sets the saturation of the light. Only for CWS. (UNTESTED)


If the node is set to observe and the target light is updated or if triggered manually by sending a "status" request as msg.payload to the node, the node will send a msg.payload with the current status of the light.

  • id number The id of the light.
  • name string The given name of the light.
  • model string The model of the light.
  • firmware string The firmware of the light.
  • alive boolean True if the gateway can communicate with the light, false if not.
  • on boolean True if the light is on, false if not.
  • brightness number [0,100] The brightness of the light.
  • colorTemperature number [0,100] The color temperature of the light.
  • color string The hex-code for the color of the light. Only fully supported by CWS bulbs.
  • colorX number The x component of the xy-color.
  • colorY number The y component of the xy-color.
  • transition number The default transition time for operations. However, since the default value of 0.5 makes it impossible to send temperature and brightness updates in the same command, this is overridden and set to 0 by default.
  • created number Probably when the light was paired with the gateway for the first time, measured in epoch time.
  • seen number When the light was last interacted with by the gateway (or similar), measured in epoch time.
  • type number The type of device where 2 is light.
  • power number The type of power source powering the light. Will most likely always be 1.



  • Moved output status object from msg.payload.light to msg.payload.
  • Updated security code, identity and PSK to be saved as credentials in config.
  • Updated info panels and tweaked node appearance.


  • Published to NPM