32 Commits (master)

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  interfisch 454c49946d port controller for bluepill to platformio because flashing didnt work anymore 3 months ago
  interfisch b9a7f6e873 update last changes in hoverbrett controller 7 months ago
  interfisch b7d94dbe13 fix poweroff issue and serialfeedback cleanup 7 months ago
  interfisch 7acd6e2c30 apply serialfeedback uint16_t checksum fix (not tested) 7 months ago
  interfisch 5dca8091c6 add mode change nipple not centered failsafe 8 months ago
  interfisch 12ba725fc1 add not touched recentering failsave 8 months ago
  interfisch d8afc9682f add current feedback 8 months ago
  interfisch ec4d6714c5 working foc 9 months ago
  interfisch 588611633e update to current running version 9 months ago
  interfisch f6f936da4e update to emanuelferu firmware 9 months ago
  interfisch 2c51b09cf1 update submodule 1 year ago
  interfisch 4a4de3789a limit backward driving with gametrak 1 year ago
  interfisch daa1ee12f9 set steer speed for gametrak higher 1 year ago
  interfisch 7a02f492aa remove voltage and current 1 year ago
  interfisch 250549e0b8 change speed and steer to speedl speedr 1 year ago
  interfisch 090ec067c1 change steer, speed to speedl and speedr 1 year ago
  interfisch 216db6080d change armed to controlmode 1 year ago
  interfisch fc8f082179 add gametrac clip 1 year ago
  interfisch 9bc7c7963d move controller code in separate directory 1 year ago
  interfisch c1ebaddcb5 add submodules 1 year ago
  interfisch 5e17c2cf22 implement gametrak function 1 year ago
  interfisch ce466e17b1 change baudrate for debug 1 year ago
  interfisch bdf5f8be1b add gametrak value output 1 year ago
  interfisch b1ada895bc add gametrak reading 1 year ago
  interfisch 03b600d4c8 add voltage and current measurement 1 year ago
  interfisch 886ecc5b7a disarm only at timeout 1 year ago
  interfisch 26353508aa mag auto align if idle 1 year ago
  interfisch 719b0fa7c5 slower nrf data rate 1 year ago
  interfisch e73c0bc69c implemented gy85 with yaw control 1 year ago
  interfisch a4e7c3e33d working with nippleremote 1 year ago
  interfisch e721d1e650 changed to hardware interrupt for ppm input 1 year ago
  interfisch f2e3d17bb6 working ppm input (pulseIn) and serial output to hoverboard. 1 year ago